Make it now. Take it later.  
Let's get creative! 

The Craft Pottery is an independent pottery and craft studio in central Glasgow. Come in, select a piece from a large range of options, paint a truly original work of art, then leave it with us for about a week and we'll glaze and fire it.


The studio yields a "Bring Your Own Bottle" policy setting the perfect tone for a night out with friends, a date, family bonding, or some personal downtime. Larger events on-/off-site available.


We also offer pottery classes for all ages, that can be scheduled to suit your needs. 


 Pottery Painting 

 Design pre-made pottery 
 items - fun for ALL ages. 


 Pottery Lessons 

 We offer a range of pottery 
 lessons suited for both 
 children + adults. 

 Parties + Events 

 Perfect for: hen parties, 
 birthdays, team building, 
 corporate events + more! 


 Give the gift that gives twice! 
 Create items + end up with a 
 treasured keepsake. 

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