Make it now. Take it later.  
Let's get creative! 

The Craft Pottery is an independent pottery and craft studio in central Glasgow. Come in, select a piece from a large range of options, paint a truly original work of art, then leave it with us for about a week and we'll glaze and fire it.


The studio yields a "Bring Your Own Bottle" policy setting the perfect tone for a night out with friends, a date, family bonding, or some personal downtime. Semi-private + private party options available, as well as off-site visit arrangements.


We also offer group pottery classes for adults as well as private, pottery throwing classes for all ages, that can be scheduled to suit your needs. 

 Pottery Painting 

 Design pre-made pottery 
 items - fun for ALL ages. 
 Walk-ins welcome! 

 Pottery Lessons 

 We offer a range of pottery 
 lessons suited for both 
 children + adults. 

 Parties + Events 

 Perfect for: hen parties, 
 birthdays, team building, 
 corporate events + more! 


 Give the gift that gives twice! 
 Create items + end up with a 
 treasured keepsake. 

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